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Grace Review

Serengeti is Tanzania’s most visited park, and with good reason. Almost from the moment you enter the gates, wildlife surrounds you in astounding numbers and variety, together with an incomparable sense of space. The headline event is the annual wildebeest migration, and being able to witness a part of this (which takes both planning and luck) is an unforgettable experience. The Serengeti is also known for its high density of predators, and the chance to watch lions and other cats – often at very close range – is another treat. I also like the Serengeti’s quieter side – its wealth of birds and its nature-filled stillness. Most shorter safaris concentrate on the well-visited central Serengeti. With more time (and depending on the season), I’d also recommend spending at least part of your Serengeti itinerary in the western corridor around the Grumeti River or in the far north.


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